IPTV BuzzTV Box Setup

The Device can work with WiFi and Wired Network

It is programmed for DHCP if connected on wired network.

Plug your Ethernet Cable to Ethernet Port

Plug your HDMI cable from the device to the TV

Plug into power source (Adapter Provided)


Initial POS

When first powered up, the device goes through power on cycle, checks for OS updates.

The Netlight is green, status light blinks in amber

Your TV screen will show buzztv on left time on right (set for EST)

Dash board will have LiveTV, VOD, APPS, Market, Settings

at bottom Ethernet port is shown if connected to wired Ethernet Port


On your Remote Control (Provided)

To Change to WiFi Settings

Use your circular button arrow on the right to get to settings

Click OK

Use your Circular button arrow and click wiFi

Use your circular button arrow to select the AP

Hit Ok

Enter your WiFi Password

Hit OK

Hit connect

Hit OK

Use your Back button on your control to get out of the configurations


Ethernet Connection does not require any configuration.


Using your back arrow, get back to dash board

From your Control, hit Live TV button


You should now be able to see the TV channel


Use Menu button on Control to guide yourself to Channels

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