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Telecommunications Services

The Telecommunications Services Group handle all aspects of Communications , stating from Infrastructure to Software services. We provide Internet Access Circuits, Gateways, Firewalls and Local Area Network Gears. We design, install and support the services for the life of the product. Miskita has been working with top carrier providers to give you circuits within your budget. We become your first point of contact and deal with carriers so you can continue doing your work. We also develop network backup plan incase you have circuit outages or network outages. 

Carriers - We deal with many carriers in the Area so we can shop around for better deals for you Internet Access. It can be Copper, Fiber or Wireless and each service that is suited for the application. Miskita can develop Solutions around the circuits so you can get the maximum out of your services.

Local Area Network (LAN). Your LAN is network inside your promise that you control. This consists of Wired and Wireless connections that provide services to your organizations. Designing LAN is not as simple as putting an Ethernet Switch and connecting cables. There is more to cables. The design and architecture should meet the requirements of security and reliability. A novice worker could connect all the equipment on a wired network and eventually find out network is not stable. Broadcast storms, loops and jitter can make your LAN operate at lower performance level. We help architect, install and support the LAN to perform at optimum level.  We will help develop segmentation and IP addressing schemes to grow as your network grows.

Security - We cant stress much about security in todays environment. We specialize in Physical Security Design and Network Security Parameters. Our Physical Security allows us to provide Cameras, Monitoring devices and tracking devices so you can see, hear and follow the process. Network security has become very important with people stealing valuable information. We work with you and hardened your network. We monitor your services after hours so you can have peace of mind after work.

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